My story

Welcome to my studio!

I’m Tarana Labuche, a fine art painter who has her easel right next to the beaches of the lovely city of the Hague, The Netherlands. Through my artwork, I explore the themes of strength & vulnerability.

"My Highest goal is to convey pride in both strength and vulnerability. To bring empowerment, love and positivity and inspire people to  connect to their divine nature.”

Tarana's artwork

Labuche’s artwork fosters the positive social dialogue on equality and has been featured in several international events to promote gender-, race-, and opportunity- equality. Her latest work was featured throughout the city of The Hague to increase awareness for Black Lives Matter. As a graduate from the Milan Art Institute, she is globally recognized for the quality of her fine art.

Not a single day goes by where you wont find Labuche (often accompanied by her cat Beerus) working in her art studio. It is her sanctuary, her place where she crafts and hones her artistic voice.


Super Queen Series 

In her latest series, labeled “Super Queens”, Tarana’s artwork communicates that femalesexuality and empowerment do not rest upon the fragility of our outward appearance. The sexuality and empowerment of each Super Queen is not solely expressed in outward appearance; rather the augmented coloring and use of symbolism is what makes that each Super Queen glows. Super-queens are female heroes who convey strength and take pride in vulnerability.

‘I believe that by taking pride in our strength and vulnerability opens up the opportunity to be our own heroes. So let’s take pride in them, they make us who we are – unique and so totally awesome!’

The future

Her dream is to continue the path that she chose from the start: fueling the social dialogue in a positive way. This means you will see more abstract realism pieces that perfectly fit in a living room. Moreover, in the near future, Tarana will organize painting retreats in the Netherlands and Belgium to teach others how to augment an art for passion with an artistic voice.